Tick List 2020-1

If you wish to be selected for any of the following games, please complete and return this form

to the Secretary by 13th September 2021 Susan Forrest, 41 Marine Parade, Millport, KA28 0EF

or by email to forrestmillport@btopenworld.com


Competition Date Please Tick

Lady Margaret Macrae is a friendly ladies game, it

is one session followed by lunch in a restaurant 29/9/21 ___

Cunningham Quaich is a friendly gents game, it

is one session followed by lunch in a restaurant 29/9/21 ___

Tan Can is a game against Auchenames, it is

one session at Greenacres 24/11/21 ___

Rino Righetti is a double session between club

members with a snack in between 8 /12/21 ___

Christmas Bonspiel is a fun game with a different

format each year, single session, rinks selected on

the day 15/12/21 ___

Garrison Cup v Largs Thistle, double session with

a snack in between. 12/01/22 ___

County Cup v Bute, double session with a snack

in between. One of our best days out! 26/01/22 ___

Argyll Quaich club outing to Stranraer, normally

3 games of curling, eating and socialising together ???

during evenings ___

Tappit Hen is a double session played against six

other clubs who have/had piers on the Clyde! 25 Feb ­­­­­­___

Silver Kettle is a double session between club

members with a snack in between, runners up win

Crerar Medal 16/3/22 ___

Inter Club Medal against Dumbarton at Greenacres TBA ___

Province Games are held at Waterfront, Greenock

2 x 7 end games are played at 12.15 and 2.30 on

Tuesday 5th October, 2nd November, 7th December and

15th March.

You do not need to play in all these games, volunteering

for one would be good!

You must be a member of RCCC.


Province Championship is held at Greenacres on Sunday

23rd January. Two games. You must be a

member of RCCC to play in this.

Final is held at Greenacres on Saturday 5th March ___

Grand Match is held outside on floating ice anywhere in

Scotland! Last played for in 1979. ___

Club games have been booked at Greenacres on 6th October 20th October, 27th October, 10th November, 17th November, 19th January, 2nd February, 9th February and 23rd February, 2nd March – all single sessions followed by snack available at ice rink if wished.

Ice has been booked on Wednesday 22nd September at Greenacres for a practice and

“come and try” at 9.45am

Yes ___ No ___

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Telephone number of emergency contact:


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