Garrison Cup

Season 2018.

Competition will be played at Greenacres on the 10th December at 10:00. Teams will be selected from Tick List and players informed.

There was added significance this season as it was the 150th anniversary of the event. The cup was donated in 1868 by the Countess of Glasgow, to be played for annually between the curlers of Largs and Millport.

Two teams represented each club, playing two games against both teams from the opposing club.

In the morning session David Cameron’s Millport team won five of the seven ends played, defeating Alan Cameron’s Largs side by 7-4. Largs took two shots at the first end, but Millport replied with three shots at the second end, and gradually pulled away to record a three shot victory.

In the other morning game Millport, skipped by Willie McIntyre, got off to a flying start, leading by 8-1 after three ends. However, the Largs team, skipped by Robin Goodall, gradually worked their way back into the game and after six ends had actually taken the lead, being 10-8 to the good. Two single shot ends by Millport meant the game was drawn 10-10.

The morning session ended with Millport in the better position having won 3 match points to the 1 point won by Largs.

Millport only need to win one match in the afternoon session to win the Garrison Cup, but things turned out somewhat differently.

The Largs side of Alan Cameron quickly atoned for their loss in the morning session by comprehensively defeating their Millport opposition by the huge score of 21-2.

That levelled things up overall, so everything hinged on the last game between David Cameron’s Millport team and Robin Goodall’s Largs side.

Millport got the better of the opening exchanges and had a 2-1 lead after three ends. The Largs quartet then took control of the game, winning the next five ends to win the game 7-2.

The final tally had Largs with 5 match points and Millport with 3 match points. So Largs Thistle retain the Garrison Cup for another year.

The Garrison Cup was presented by Millport CC President Fergus Boyle to the Largs Thistle CC President John Thomson.

The teams for both sides were:

Largs A – Alan Cameron (skip), Henry Kerr, Rita Salton, Janie McKenzie.

Largs B – Robin Goodall (skip), Alex Bain, Linn Munton, John Thomson.

Millport A – David Cameron (skip), Jimmy Lochridge, Fergus Boyle, Alistair Miller.

Millport B – Willie McIntyre (skip), Richard Stokes, Ron Copeland, Anne Watt.

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Season 2017.

The annual match between Largs Thistle and Millport curling clubs for the Garrison Cup took place at Greenacres on Friday 10th March. This was a change from the usual staging in mid-January, which was postponed due to weather conditions, meaning Millport couldn’t reach the mainland.

Millport were the holders of the trophy and they were keen to hang onto the trophy for another year.

In the morning session Largs Charlie Johnstone’s side took four shots in the first end, but immediately gave up a four at the next end to Anne Watt’s quartet. Two single shot ends were exchanged, to make the score 5-5 at the half way mark. Largs won the next three ends, and conceded the final end to make the final score 10-7. This was as good as it got for this Largs foursome on the day.

In the other morning game Largs Robin Goodall’s side took five shots and three shots at the third and fourth ends to open up a 9-2 lead at the midway point. Jimmy Lochridge’s team came back strongly and took five shots in the next three ends, but the Largs side took a three at the final end for a final 12-7 score in favour of Largs.

Everything would be settled in the afternoon sessions, and with two wins from the morning Largs were in a strong position to take overall victory.

Things didn’t go very smoothly in the afternoon and got a bit tricky. Charlie Johnstone’s team opened up a four shot lead after the first two ends and they looked comfortable. At this point Jimmy Lochridge’s rink must have slipped each of the Largs foursome a Micky Finn, as Largs extraordinarily proceeded to lose the next four ends by a whopping eighteen shots. A 4, 2, 5 and 7 were conceded as Millport took an 18-4 lead after six ends. A single shot for each side in the final ends saw Jimmy’s team win the game convincingly by 19-5.

The only plus to be taken from the match for Largs is that they didn’t concede an eight at the sixth end, although it was close, and they kept the score below twenty. Apart from that, best forgotten.

This meant that Largs Robin Goodall’s team had to avoid defeat in their match, and things didn’t start too well as they found themselves 6-1 down at the midway point after conceding four shots in the opening end. However, a run of three ends to Largs gave them a 8-6 lead going into the final end. Millport's Anne Watt took one shot for a 8-7 final score to Largs.

Largs won the Garrison Cup by virtue of winning three matches to Millport’s one. Interestingly both sides won sixteen ends apiece, with Millport outscoring Largs in shots by 40 to 35.

The Millport Sides were

Anne Watt (skip), Ron Copeland, Fergus Boyle and Alaster Millar.

Jimmy Lochridge (skip), David Cameron, Richard Stokes and Willie McIntyre.

The Largs sides were:

Charlie Johnstone (skip), John Thomson, Linn Munton and Rita Salton.

Robin Goodall (skip), Linda Maxwell-Cox, Henry Kerr and Alex Bain.

The Garrison cup was presented by Millport’s Anne Watt to Largs club president John Thomson.

Season 2016.

The Cup will be played om Wednesday 13th January at Greenacres. Millport rinks are Anne Watt, David Cameron, Fergus Boyle, Lisa Miller and Jimmy Lochridge, Willie McIntyre, Eddie Hughes, Alistair Miller.

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The annual match between Largs Thistle and Millport curling clubs for the Garrison Cup took place at Greenacres on Wednesday 13th January.

Largs had won the trophy for the past three seasons but that run came to an end as Millport came out on top after four keenly contested games.

In the morning session Charlie Johnstone’s side took an early lead over Jimmy Lochridge’s side, winning three of the first four ends. However, Millport took control of the match and won the final four ends to record an 8-4 victory.

In the other morning game Alan Cameron’s side lost the first three ends to Anne Watt’s team, but a four shot end levelled the scores at the midway point. A two shot advantage at the seventh end proved decisive as Largs won the match 7-6 despite only winning three ends.

Everything then depended on the afternoon session. Alan Cameron’s team lost four of the first five ends, but four shots at the sixth end and a two shot final end was enough to give them a narrow 7-6 win over Jimmy Lochridge’s side. Once again Alan’s team won despite only winning three ends.

Charlie Johnstone’s side only had to avoid defeat against Anne Watt’s team for Largs to retain the trophy. Largs led by one shot going down the final end, but a misplaced guard allowed Anne Watt to take out the Largs stone sitting as shot to give her quartet a three shot final end and a 7-5 win.

Her final shot had the destination of the Garrison Cup riding on it. If the take out had been missed then victory would have gone to Largs, but unfortunately from a Largs point of view she played an excellent shot to give her club victory.

Overall both clubs had two wins apiece, but Millport won 19 ends to Largs 13 which was enough to give them overall victory.

Millport won the Garrison Cup to take their first win in the competition since 2012.

Dear all

I am happy to announce that the Garrison Cup has returned home after a four year spell staying in Largs.

The result could have gone either way right up to the last stone when Millport A Skip, Anne managed to clear the Largs B shot to give us three and the match.

Both Largs and Millport scored 4 points with two wins each, but Millport had the ends with 19 to Largs' 13.

Congratulations to all who played