Millport Curling Club

Welcome to the Millport Curling Club website.

The first written note of Millport Curling Club was in 1838 at the founding of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

The first President was John Wishart from a report of a meeting held in the Kelburne Arms. The bothy was built by William Wishart about 1845. In these early years curling on Cumbrae was run less formally but from 1925 the Curling Club has flourished and more recently ladies were admitted to the club as members. The Club has been and remains active in many competitions organised by the Argyll Province and the Royal Club.

Coming Soon

This website will hopefully give members and visitors the opportunity to see what games are coming up and also results from past games. Any advice on content which should be included would be appreciated.

Interested in Curling.

Millport Curling Club invite you to come along to our practice days at Greenacres Ice Rink and "have a go".

Facilities still exist for outdoor curling on the island of Cumbrae and are maintained, however Millport C.C. now play their regular games at Greenacres Curling Club ice rink, near Howwood.